Get the attention of a world-famous rock band!

If you want to get the attention of a world-famous rock band, try this: Grab hundreds of your closest friends and make a video of one of their songs.

The video is the brainchild of Fabio Zaffagnini, who simply wants to see the Foo Fighters perform in Cesena, which is located in the Romagna region of Northern Italy, near the Adriatic Sea.  The clip is shot brilliantly and it was possible thanks to hundreds of artists coming from all over Italy to perform live in Cesena.

And guess what? It worked! Dave Grohl , the group’s leader, had announced, in Italian, that the Foo Fighters are “coming.”


  • Grab (v): to seize suddenly, eagerly, or roughly; snatch.
  • Brainchild (n) : a product of one’s thinking or planning.
  • Clip (n): the parts of a television program, broadcast, or script that relate to the sending or receiving of a visual image.

What would you do for your favourite band to play in your hometown? Please leave us a comment!

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