Will Facebook soon have control of all the social apps on the market?

Today we woke up with this news: “Facebook is buying WhatsApp” This is scary, don’t you think?

Social media hands

My first thoughts were “Facebook is buying all the social apps that get popular,” or “Will privacy settings change?” and “Will we be spied on by Facebook?” I just don’t feel very confident now.

Here is an article hot off the Internet press where some of the economic details are explained. The deal is the most expensive ever when talking about an a major player acquiring an app.

I personally don’t think the user experience or features included within the app will improve, or even change, very much. As a reference we only have to look at Instagram, which has had minor changes in how it functions but huge changes in its privacy settings.

Are you in favour of Facebook buying the messaging app? Do you think it will provide a better experience for the user?

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