Why you should!!

Crowdfunding websites have been popping up all over the Internet and their success is down to YOU !! That is if you can call yourself a crowdfunder- one of the millions of people who are part of the crowd who fund.

So why should you fund?

It’s as simple as this- by contributing 5 euros you’re helping someone achieve their dream, which surely seems a really small price to pay. And with that donation you get to feel a part of something. And who knows you might even be contributing to something that’s going to change the world. Look at the The Oculus Rift, a visor that allows for fully immersive virtual reality in HD. It was originally funded by Kickstarter and only needed 4 hours to raise the $250,000(£160,200) target. And it is changing our world for sure.

On the other main crowdfunding site Indiegogo, one of their big success stories has been the crowdfunding to get the project ‘Flow Hive’ off the ground. A project that consists of having honey on tap directly from your beehive. Might not seem a big deal to you if you’ve never kept bees but for beekeepers worldwide this invention has changed how they harvest. Harvesting the honey is a labour of love which involves putting on protective clothing, opening the hive therefore disturbing the bees, and maybe getting stung by an angry bee. Therefore it’s understandable why 35,000 flow beehives have been sold and orders are still coming in. As fans of honey, we wish them luck.

Do you keep bees? You can learn more about the project here.

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