What is your type of intelligence?

Have you ever wondered why it is so easy for some people to memorize a new word they’ve just heard, while others find it a lot easier to understand how a machine works. Or why some people are absolutely useless at navigating and reading maps and other people seem to be human tom-toms.  Or what about this example- you probably know someone who could not sing in tune to save their life but who are great at maths or at sports.

Perhaps that is reflected, then,  in the strategies they use when they are learning a new skill. Do you find it more effective to note down the translation of a new word, or do you need to draw a picture? Is pronunciation your strength, or do you find it easier to figure out the rules in the language you hear? Do you learn better when working with classmates, or on your own?

American psychologist Howard Gardner observed these differences in skills and learning strategies and developed his theory of multiple intelligences, which defines intelligence as “a set of several types of intelligence that can’t be measured in a single IQ test.”


The British Council website describes them like this:

  • Verbal linguistic – having a good verbal memory, being interested in words and how language works
  • Analytical / logical – being able to investigate and have a scientific approach to learning
  • Musical – being sensitive to sounds and rhythms
  • Visual spatial – being imaginative with a good visual memory
  • Kinaesthetic – being receptive to touching objects to enhance your memory
  • Interpersonal – being good in group work, listening to others
  • Intrapersonal – being aware of your own personal goals and motivations
  • Naturalist – understanding the link between nature and humans


What do you think is your type of intelligence?

Take into account that we do not have just one type of intelligence, but rather a dominant intelligence or more probably a combination of several dominant ones.

Would you like to know which? Take this test and find your strengths!

Have you tried this challenge?

How well did you do? How does it relate to your results in the test?

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