What do you think about your kids´ homework?

It is January and students are back in school after a nice long break. In most cases this means large quantities of homework. Recently, there has been a significant revolt against the idea of working outside of school time.

Kids Playing

More than 40% of parents believe that their kids have far too much homework. Kids do not have time in the afternoons to play, go to the park, or do activites like cook with their parents– and this has affected the families as a whole. As a consequence, during the month of November, parents worked with the Spanish Confederation of Student Associations to ask that their children be relieved from do homework at the weekends in November in order to take back their children’s leisure time. The students could take an authorization to their school which said “My son/daughter will not do homework because of a family decision.” 40,89% of the families think that their kids have too many homework and this caused the parents to say “STOP!”. If you are one of them you can join here.


In Spain the average time dedicated to homework is six hours per week, more than in most other  countries. There are many people who believe that the right thing is for the students to do the work in class and not at home. In countries such as Finland, Germany or England this controversy doesn’t exist. During primary there is barely any homework. In Finland for example, kids are motivated and challenged, but not made to work outside of the school day. Kids have the option of doing their “homework” at school, because their “job” at home is to play and have fun. If you want to learn more about this method, take a look at the video!


  • Revolt: to break away from or rise against constituted authority
  • Leisure: time free from the demands of work or duty
  • Barely: only just

Do you think it is better for kids to play or to study during their free time?

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