Welcome to 2015, Mr McFly!

The day has finally arrived! Today, 21st of October 2015, is back to the future day! The day which Marty and Doc travel forward to in the second installment of Robert Zemeckis´s action film.


They came into a world where a can of Pepsi cost $50 and hoverboards were on every street corner. The first part of the film “Back to the future II” is set in this world of self-tying sneakers, flying cars and instant pizzas, things that apparently seemed attainable in 1989 (when the movie was filmed), but…what part of it has become the real future? Find out which predictions the movie got right watching the video below!

The movie travels through the character’s life posing questions such as: If we had done something different at some moment, would that have changed our whole lives for the better?


  • Installment (n): a single portion of something issued or published in parts at fixed times.
  • Hoverboard (n): a levitating board used for personal transportation.
  • Attainable (v): to come to or arrive at; gain,achieve.
  • Pose (v): to state, or put forward for others to consider; to present (an idea, etc.).

Do you believe time travel will be feasible at some point? Please leave a comment!

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