We have Pluto in our sights!

Summer is great for lots of things-  going to the beach, having a beer out on a terrace with some good friends, taking time off work and just relaxing.  But, at least in the cities, it isn’t such a great time for stargazing. The sky stays very light in the evenings in July and August, and looking up to the heavens is easier to do in the cold months of winter.


Even on the coldest, darkest night, you can’t see Pluto from Earth. But today that changes.  NASA’s spacecraft, New Horizons, will pass by Pluto and send back pictures. The USA has spent an estimated $728 million dollars to make this mission a success.  New Horizons left Earth 9.5 years ago, has travelled roughly 3 billion miles and the first images should arrive July 15 and data will keep coming until October 2016.

New horizons spacecraft

How do feel about investing large amounts of money finding out about our galaxy? If you are interested in the stars and the planets you can look here at NASA’s site, or here, and here. And if you are interest in grammar and vocab, and like the idea of using Space as theme to learn, look at this lesson on the BBC.


  • star gazing:  look at the stars.
  • the heavens:  another word for the skies and beyond.
  • spacecraft: a vehicle used for travelling in space.

What do you think we will find? Please leave us a comment!

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