Wanderlust is the uncontrollable desire to hit the road and travel, by whatever means desired, to explore and enjoy the world.  Have you ever felt this way?

Traveling is extremely rewarding; you collect experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. If you want to travel, just do it, don’t think twice! You won’t regret it.

We have the proof! Here are some of the benefits of travelling

1. You will get a new perspective of life and come out of your shell.


When you are in another country, you have to fend yourself. If you don’t get things done, nobody will do them for you. You will have to overcome fears andface your insecurities and you will start to love the adrenaline you feel when doing things you were not used to doing before.  Getting yourself into unknown situations, and seeing that you are able to handle them, will boost your confidence!

2. You won’t  take things for granted, you will appreciate your hometown

home sweet home

When you are abroad, you get to appreciate what you have. Your house, your food, your family , you miss things you didn’t know you could actually miss. Beside this, you will realize how beautiful your country is and how fortunate you are to have what you have.

3.You will realize you  only have one life and you have to live it fully


Sometimes we decide to stick to our routine and so we forget we have a whole world full of beautiful things right in front of our eyes. Let’s get out and live and discover as much as possible. Test yourself, do something daring, live life to the fullest while travelling. Time will pass but the memories we collect will stay with us forever. Sometimes, you just have to go for it.

 4. You will enjoy yourself and learn like never before


Eat like crazy, meet amazing people, walk until your feet hurt, capture every single moment with your camera and delight yourself with every gem this world will offer!  Travelling helps you do all this and when you find out about the new places you visit and the cultures that surround you, you  learn to love the world a little bit more each time.


  • Rewarding: Satisfying and gratifying
  • Overcome:To deal with successfully
  • Take for granted: Not value fully

Where are you going next?

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