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Have you ever wondered what Mark Zuckerberg’s office space looks like? A couple of months ago, facebook´s 11,000 employees moved to a bigger open-plan office. This week, Mark Zuckerberg, the company´s CEO has shared in his social network the first live video ever recorded by them, where he personally provides a tour of the tech giant’s new headquarters. The video has been played more than 35 million times.

Mark Zuckerberg

In the video, you can even see his desk, a very simple space just like everyone else´s, where he claims to spend 40-50 hours a week working surrounded by his fellow colleagues, a mac laptop, a few books he is reading as part of the challenge “a year of books”, and a model of a satellite the company is working on to bring wireless internet everywhere. Another detail we can see in this video is that he is wearing his grey t-shirt. He dresses the same way everyday as you might have previously noticed, what, in his own words means “one less thing to think about in the morning, so we can concentrate on what really matters”.

Here is the video below, if you´ve got any questions I guess you could add him on facebook and just ask!


  • Wonder (v): to think about and ask oneself about something.
  • Open-plan (adj): having no or few dividing walls between areas.
  • CEO (an abbreviation of): chief executive officer.
  • Wireless (adj): communicating without connecting wires or other material contacts.

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