Today is the day: UK Election 2015

Today the British people are voting for their 56th parliament-and therefore for their new prime minister. This is one of the closest elections ever and with the last elections in 2010 ending up in a coalition government, 5 years later there still isn’t a clear winner for today’s vote. The two main parties -Conservative and Labour- are expected to win a similar number of seats at the House of Commons, forcing them to find allegiance with other parties in order to ensure enough seats to gain the key to 10 Downing Street.

This election is so close and poll results so unclear that the media have resorted to all sorts of methods to guess the colour of today’s winner. The most probable result of today’s vote is a “hung Parliament”, which occurs when no single political party (or bloc of allied parties) has an overall majority of seats (326 to be more precise). This means that this party or coalition wouldn’t be able to pass any laws without the support of members of other parties. What will happen next? The Guardian explains it in their 2015 elections guide for non Brits, which includes some other interesting trivia about the British political system… and the Queen!:

Mashable has also made their own interpretation of today’s election for Americans and non Brits in general,based on Game of Thrones.

If you’re still interested in the topic, or are just curious about what your vote would be, you can try The Telegraph’s quiz , which will tell you what political party you should be voting for according to your answers (even though of course you’re not going to be able to vote at any of these amazing and crazy polling stations. If you’re feeling more ambitious you can try to create your own government with this coalition builder.

Did you manage to form the next UK government?


  • Allegiance: Loyalty
  • Poll: it can be a survey or sampling of opinions on a subject or also the act of voting in an election
  • Polling station: a building, such as a school, designated as the place to which voters go during an election to cast their votes
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