Today is St Patrick’s day!

St Patrick’s Day is celebrated each year on March 17th. It’s a day to honour the patron Saint of Ireland but it is celebrated all around the world!

How will the world celebrate this year?


Dublin dedicates a whole week to St Patrick’s day. The annual St Patrick’s Festival  will take place from March 17th to 20th. There is also a free parade in the centre of Dublin, this year’s theme is “the imagination of the youth of Ireland as they look to the future.” Other events include a village dedicated to crafted beer and whiskey, treasure-hunts and walking tours!



This year Belfast is holding its own parade! There’s  also a free concert in the city centre, and for fitness fanatics, the annual Spar Craic 10K run.

City Hall SPAR Craic 10K. pictured: the team from Belfast Running Club 1703JC15


In Chicago the river goes green! If you want to enjoy the sight of the year, head down to the river!



Yes, even in Tokyo Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated. This year the day-long festival is taking place in Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park, there will be plenty of Irish food, musicians and dancers.


How will your city celebrate this year?

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