To wear it is to love it??

Receive and respond to notifications in an instant. Track your daily activity. Control your music using only your voice. Pay for groceries just like that. With Apple Watch, important information and essential features are always just a raise of the wrist away.

Sounds great!! Sounds like we should be wondering how we ever managed to live all this time without it.

Will you be one of those people sporting this latest Apple on your wrist? Maybe you already are? Do you love it?

We’ve been lucky enough to have been enjoying our Apple products for some years now. It’s said, buy your first Apple and you’ll never buy another brand again!! If the number of products they sell every day is anything to go by, this statement certainly seems to be the truth.

But why do we love their products? Because they’re great? Watch this video and count how many times great is used to describe Apple.

Some people say it’s because there isn’t a whole range of products to fit every consumer segment. Apple makes a tightly focused product line that emphasizes quality in both construction and user experience. They skip the low-end entirely, seeking the mid-range and high-end of the market instead.

Or is it because of the design. Many years are put into the design of their products and many prototypes are scrapped because they’re not worthy enough to carry the logo.

And again shopping in an Apple store is a big enough reason on its own for us to love their products. Step in through their door and we are able to touch, play and experiment with iphones, ipads, and macs galore. It’s not like other stores,  where being faced with plastic replicas doesn’t give us that experience.

Whatever the reason, we love them. We’ll go on loving them.  And waiting in anticipation for the next!!

You can watch a video demonstrating tips and tricks of the Apple watch here. If you’re not already a proud owner of one, maybe this is going to convince you.


  • Track- follow
  • Groceries- your food shopping
  • Sporting- wearing
  • Skip- miss out
  • Scrapped- not used

 Do you have one? What feature do you like the most?

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