Tiny and Super Smart

You have probably never seen this little girl. She looks like your typical sweet pigtailed princess, but when she starts to talk everything else stops. This is Brielle, a 3-year- old who has shaken people up.

Science can be one of the most difficult subjects at school. And the periodic table of elements one of the hardest part to learn. It is a bit like hieroglyphics.

Brielle appeared on The Ellen Show, one of the most famous entertainment programs in the United States. She doesn’t read (“I’m still sounding out my words”) but that doesn’t stop her from learning. She has already mastered the 119 elements of the Periodic Table. She can identify all of the elements and tell you some interesting facts about them. Now, Brielle has moved on to anatomy, biology, and geography.

Some people says that it’s obvious that her mother has been coaching her and teaching her- and why not?  This little girl loves learning.  Watch out for more of her in the future as she grows up- imagine the volume of information she’ll be able to process once she can read on her own!

Here is Brielle’s clip teaching Ellen about the Periodic Table of Elements:

Brielle also teaches Ellen the anatomy of the human body:

And if you want to learn about the world, have a look here:


  • Pigtail (n): a braid of hair hanging down the sides or the back of the head.
  • Shake up (v): rouse someone from lethargy, apathy, or complacency.
  • Hieroglyphics (n): of a type of writing in which pictures or symbols represent ideas

What do you think about small geniuses?

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