Thomas the Tank Engine- fun in English with your kids

Children’s toys and games have their trends and fashions just like adult tastes do.  But some things never go out of style, like ballerinas, or dinosaurs, playing school, or trains.  Your little one may love Thomas like mine did.  Thomas is cheeky and often gets into trouble, but he always finds a way to do the right thing-  often with help along the way.

Thomas train and friends

Based on a set of stories by the Rev W Awdry called The Railway Series which was first published in 1945, Thomas and the island of Sodor have grown into a multi-faceted children’s media extravaganza, with books, videos, toys, games, clothing, and other merchandise to help keep Thomas close.  Even so,  the stories themselves still retain their gentle pace and  help show children how thomas and his friends find their way to workable solutions for problems-  or else face disappointing The Fat Controller.

A fun way to have your kids get to know Thomas and his friends in English is by using this site. If it shifts to Spanish automatically,  you can select your country at the bottom of the screen.  If you select the UK or the US, the site and all of the games, songs  and videos are in English.

Toot!  Toot!  Time to get busy

Starr is the famous voice in this series of  the videos


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