Things that can happen at the Oscars

Next Sunday night the 86th Oscars ceremony will take place at the Dolby Theatre in LA. Millions of people all around the world will be watching and many of us will be betting on the winners, discussing dresses on the red carpet and arguing over who’s the best presenter. In its many years of history these awards have given us lots of stories and anecdotes. Some of them are funny, some are touching, some of them are shocking, other just downright surreal. The one thing that no one can deny is that it never fails to surprise us, even if it’s just for a brilliant acceptance speech, a spontaneous gesture of one of the attendants or a musical number gone wrong.

The Guardian has put together a list of some of the best moments in the history of the awards, including some really emotional speeches such as Tom Hanks’s for ‘Philadelphia’ or John Wayne’s last appearance. The list also includes some bizarre anecdotes, such as the the streaker that interrupted the ceremony in 1974, or the almost legendary story of German actor Emil Janning, who allegedly saved his life at the end of World War II by showing his statuette to baffled American soldiers in a just defeated Berlin. In fact, his Oscar was the first ever given and one of the last awards for the disappearing silent film industry.

 Who do you think will give us the best moment of this year’s edition? It is very difficult to pick a memorable award winner, so we will go for last year’s best actress award winner Jennifer Lawrence, who gave us some of the best moments (don’t miss her encounter with Jack Nicholson in The Guardian’s list!)


  • Touching (adj): emotional, evoking tender feelings
  • Downright: as an adverb it is an intensifier that means ‘very’, ‘really’. As an adjective it refers to someone who is very frank or straightforward.
  • Streaker (n):an act or the practice of running naked through a public place
  • Baffled (adj): Confused, puzzled.
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