Theatre in English in Barcelona

Mini Theatre in English in Barcelona + vocab list in English/Catalan/Castellano

EVERY THURSDAY 3 one-act plays – now in English (15 minutes each) in Barcelona

@ (c/Robador 22, El Raval; next to the Filomoteca. Metro: Liceu L3)

What is Minitea3?

Mini theatre = 3 performance “black box” spaces/salas, each with an audience capacity of 16 people. (48 seats in total) Each play in each sala is 15 minutes maximum.

What happens?

The audience sees one play, [mini break], then moves to the next performance space, sees a second play, [mini break], moves to the next performance space and sees the third play.

Minitea3 is a private social club with a bar, food, and sofas.

It offers a cool, unusual theatre experience. Shows start promptly.

Vocabulary list

Minitea3 Vocabulary May 2014 in English/Catalan/Castellano.  (English/Catalan/Spanish by BBL Translation)

May’s Plays (Plays start ultra promptly)

Sala 1 @ 22:50, 23:15, 23:40

“The Interview” by Georgina Tremayne. Actors: Wendy Lee Taylor. Stephan Wiks

Evelyn meets Sam at an unorthodox interview on a desert island. The tables are turned again and again – until one of them lands a new job. (Black Comedy)

Sala 2 @ 22:55, 23:20, 23:45

“Venus in 3D” by Georgina Tremayne. Actors: Julia Fossi. Farzin Sebastian Ghandchi

Venus is not an average woman. She began life as a grasshopper. Then a 3D printing company transformed her into a woman – although her brain never changed. But now things are spinning out of control. (Surreal Comedy)

Sala 3 @ 23:00, 23:25, 23:50

“The Moon at Christmas” by Hunter Tremayne. Actors: Laura Baker. Hunter Tremayne. Clare Tutte

In a garden, under a full moon, ex-lovers Trevor and Kristina swap insults over a bottle of wine – and reveal a whole lot more. (Romantic Comedy)


Tickets for all 3 shows = special for plays in English in May 2014

11 euros (without Annual Club Subscription) OR 10 euros (with Annual Club Subscription)

Annual Club Subscription is 10 euros.  This comes with perks and free gifts throughout the year – and is valid for all of the shows performed in Catalan and Castellano too.

Reservations email or call 668 85 17 33 from 7:30pm on Thursdays or on Saturday or Sunday.

Ticket Payment at the venue c/Robador 22: By Cash or Credit Card.

Let us know if you enjoyed it!

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