The perfect way to beat our stress!!

Now we’re all back from our relaxing holidays and getting back to the grind of work, our stress levels are sure to rise once again.Which is why it’s the perfect moment to engage in a little bit of mindfulness.

Some of you will be aware of this relatively new buzzword but for those of you who aren’t here’s something to consider.

You’re driving in your car on a route that you frequently do and suddenly you’re at your destination and you don’t remember any of the journey. You were in automatic pilot. You weren’t mindful, you were mindless.


If you were to focus on being mindful during this journey, you would notice details about your drive, how the weather was, the colour of the sky, the smells and noises around you.

So basically a definition of mindfulness means being aware of what you are doing while you are doing it.

There are simple activities that you can practise to help you increase your mindfulness. The benefits are enormous, for example making us enjoy the pleasures in life as they occur, being fully engaged in activities, and having a greater ability to deal with adverse events.

By focusing on the here and now, many people who practice mindfulness find that they don’t worry so much about the future or regret things in the past, are less preoccupied with concerns about success and self-esteem, and are better able to form deep connections with others.

You can watch a TED video – All it takes is 10 mindful minutes – by Andy Puddicombe for more information.

Why not watch this video for some short mindful activities that you can practise and benefit from.


  • The grind (noun)- your routine
  • Buzzword (noun) – a fashionable word
  • Adverse (adjective) – hostile
  • Concerns (noun) – worries

Have you tried it?

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