The moment has arrived…time to get back to school!

Welcome back! Everything comes to an end, so does summer, and when this happens it can be hard for kids – and for parents,too –  to get back into a regular schedule. Waking up early, eating well and having to do their homework is not always easy.

You can use this week, the last week of summer to help your child  get into a school-day rhythm. Getting into a sleep routine before the first week of school will aide in easing the shock of waking up early. Organizing things at home — backpack, binder, lunchbox or cafeteria money — will help make the first morning go smoothly.

Here are some tips you can show your kids, from the Kid´s President:

If  your kid´s school asks you to buy a huge amount of materials, and you´d like to save some money or even if you’d like to help others within your community, you could do like Byran, an inventive dad in San Francisco, who has come up with a brilliant way to reuse leftover crayons.

At a Birthday party in a restaurant, Bryan discovered that the crayons which are used mostly only once by kids during this kind of celebration (around 75.000 every year all over the US) get thrown away. So he discovered, that by separating them by colors and melting them down he could create brand new crayons to be delivered to children´s hospitals throughout California, and he did. Here is the result:



  • Aide (n): assist or help.
  • Inventive (adj): skilled or apt at inventing, thinking up, or making something.
  • Leftover (n): anything left or remaining from a larger amount.
  • Brinder (n): a hard cover with clasps or rings for holding loose papers together:

Have you got kids? How do you face getting back to school? Please leave us a comment!

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