The little girl that will bring a big smile to your face!

This is the story of Audrey Nethery. The 6 year old that has an uncommon disease called Diamond Blackfan Anemia which is a disorder of the bone marrow.She is unable to produce the necessary amount of red blood cells that her body needs, so at her young age she has already had several blood transfusions.

Despite this, Audrey continues to endure, she is an energetic and adorable girl. She enjoys dancing and singing. She has stolen the hearts of millions of people due to her dancing and singing, and her charisma. Her videos have racked up 14 millions of views!

Her parents record her in order to create awareness of this rare disease and collect funds for the DBA Foundation. If you have not seen Audrey’s performances you should definitely check her out!

Follow her on facebook, she will surely make you smile everyday!


  • Rack up- to get a large number or amount of something
  • Awareness- having knowledge of a subject
  • Endure- to carry on through

Give it up for Audrey!

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