The lingogo app!

Learning languages can be challenging! The Lingogo app will keep you motivated on your language learning path. Believe us, when you are 100% motivated you will improve your language skills in a heartbeat!

lingogo 4

So what is Lingogo all about?

It’s a digital bookshop with interactive stories to get you to practise the language you are learning. It doesn’t matter if you are beginner or advanced, Lingogo will give you the option that best adapts to you.

lingogo 4

Lingogo stories are  a great way to practise the 3 skills that are essential in language learning: reading, listening and speaking. When reading them, you just have to tap the word or sentence you don’t understand and a translation will pop out. You can read and listen to the story at the same time and if you are heading to school or work, you can just listen to them!

lingogo 1

So what are you waiting for? Get the app now!


  • In a heartbeat:Immediately
  • Pop out: Appear suddenly
  • Heading to: Going to

When are you going to start using the  new Lingogo app?

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2 comments on “The lingogo app!
  1. m dolores villanueva says:

    hello, is lingogo also available for android, or just for iOs?

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