The Hostess with the Mostess

Picture this scene- Your family and friends have been at yours for lunch. The weather has been glorious. The food has been great, there’s been a nice bottle of Verdejo to accompany it, followed by a glass of sparkly with the pudding. Your guests are leaving, big smiles on their faces, shouting out, “Thanks for a great day,” “See you soon!”

It really has been a perfect day!!

Because you ARE the hostess with the mostess. You have been the person who has done everything possible to make sure that your guests have had a perfect day.

And now with better weather approaching, you’re sure to be the hostess with the mostess much more.  But really, it’s not so difficult. Supply lots of tasty nibbles, enjoy an aperitif and cook what you know. This last one is important. It’s not recommendable to subject your guests to being your guinea pigs so that you can see if that new recipe is really one worth saving in your cookery book. Better to play it safe and do what you do best.

The expression- “Mi casa es tu casa,” is a good one to keep in mind too. Of course, in this century, being a good host isn’t what it used to be. For sure the first thing a lot of people, but of course especially the younger generation, are going to ask you is, what’s the WIFI code? Yes, it’s true. A good idea for those of you to have a very long one is to write it down somewhere and direct everyone there. Means you won’t have to keep that long list of numbers and letters in your head.

And the last bit of advice. Enjoy yourself, let your hair down and smile. Everyone is going to have a perfect day, you know that, you are the hostess with the mostess.

Here’s some music to get you in the mood for your perfect day.



Picture – (verb) imagine

Glorious –  (adjective) fantastic

Sparkly – (noun) Cava

Nibbles – (noun) food to eat before lunch

Guinea pig – (noun) something new is tested on you

Let your hair down – (expression) have a good time

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