The Great Gatsby

For this month’s book and movie recommendation for the Monthly Theme which is Money, we have The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It takes place in the Roaring Twenties (1920-1929). In this decade, the national wealth doubled and with this, the age of consumerism started.


People were buying all kinds of goods. Radios, fridges, and even cars were being sold in higher-than-ever numbers. People wanted to enjoy themselves as much as possible, this is why they began to listen to new jazz music.


In order to enjoy this new style of music they created new dances like the Charleston and the Lindy Hop.Their priority was  having fun and spending money, we could say life at that moment was nothing but a glamourous party but behind this glamourous facade there was a sad reality.  And this is what you will see on the Great Gatsby: A portrait of that decade in all its glory and squalor.


To give you a short summary, the book is narrated by Nick Carraway who was Jay Gatsby’s neighbour. Nick was very surprised because Gatsby,a  millionaire, hosted parties every single weekend.  The parties were extremely extravagant, which didn’t surprise Nick, but the guests were often people Gatsby didn’t even know! One day, Gatsby invites Nick to one of these parties, in and of itself very strange, because Gatsby never invited people to his parties; people would just showed up (In the book you will find out exactly why Nick was invited!) .Gatsby, never really involved in his parties was more of an observer. He was looking for someone and had been looking for this someone for a long time. This is where it all begins, but no more spoilers here-  you’ll just have to read the book. The great gatsby is a book about love, wealth and obsession.

great gatsby

The Great Gatsby has been on the silver screen twice, once in 1974 with Robert Redford in the lead, and again in 2013, with Leonardo Dicaprio as Gatsby. Both men do a stellar job, but you be the judge:


Di Caprio:

If you haven’t seen either yet, do BUT go and read the book first! Then, compare it with the movies, you’ll spot lots of differences :)


  • Facade: A showy misrepresentation intended to conceal something unpleasant
  • Glory and squalor: At one’s happiest or best
  • Spoilers: When someone reveals a previously unknown aspect of something which you likely would have rather learned on your own.

Tell us about your favorite movie!

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