The Good News of 2015

It’s the season of goodwill. As we take a step closer to 2016, let’s reflect on the good news that we can take with us into into the new year.

First: Saudi Arabia

First up has to be what happened in Saudi Arabia last weekend. For the first time ever women were allowed to stand as a candidate in the country’s elections and were also allowed to vote. The result, 20 women elected and 131,000 turned up to vote. If this doesn’t seem a high number to you, don’t forget that women had to rely on their husbands to drive them to the polling station as they are not allowed to drive.

You can read more on the story here.

Second: France

Story number 2 comes from France. Politicians this week voted in favour of a new law which will make supermarkets give away unsold food instead of throwing it away as they did in the past. Shops are now banned from destroying food products, sometimes by soaking them in bleach – to prevent them being distributed.

You can read more of the story and the statistics of food that is destroyed here.

Third: Ikea

And finally a call into action. Buy a LED bulb from Ikea.

Ikea are donating 1 euro for every light bulb bought to their ongoing fund raising project to bring light to the refugee camps in Jordan, overflowing with refugees fleeing Syria.

You can read more on this story here and see for yourself the results so far.


  • Goodwill – being kind, helpful and friendly
  • Polling station- the place where you go to vote
  • Banned- not allowed
  • Fund raising- a campaign to collect money for something
  • Overflowing- more than the capacity

Any other good news you’d like to include?

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