The French way

Getting  kids to eat well is not always easy.  They always find excuses for not eating what their parents give them. If we begin to accept their excuses and give them only the food they want, when they grow up they become picky eaters who complain about every food they don’t like and they get into bad habits that may affect their health.  This is why you have to try to  get your kids to enjoy eating all sorts of different types of foods. So, today we want to show you the French way of doing it, via the story of Karen Le Billon.


These rules come from the book French Kids Eat Everything written by Karen. Karen, and her French husband,  moved from North America to France for a year when her two daughters were still small, picky eaters. Karen, was surprised by the food education French kids received. French kids would eat everything they were served… even spinach!!! Karen then decided to transform her kids into happy, healthy eaters. She spoke to the French parents in the small town in the Brittany where they lived.  Luckily, the French love to talk about food, so it was easy for her to pick their brains for tips and how-tos.

french 2


The book is a compilation of recipes, tips and  easy-to-follow rules for raising happy and healthy young eaters. Sounds good right? If you are struggling with your kids eating and general nutrition, this a book is a must have!


  • Grow up: To become an adult
  • Picky: Very selective
  • Complain: To express displeasure
  • Raise a child: To bring to maturity

Are you ready to do it the French way?

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