The Big Ragnarok around the Xmas tree special!

So you think improvised comedy is all just fun and games? Well, okay, yeah you’re right… But sometimes, like now, the fate of the universe itself can hang in the balance, depending on the outcome of those games! Sure, it seems unlikely, but that’s improv for you… no one ever knows what’s going to happen.


On Saturday December 12th, as foretold in the ancient scriptures kept locked away in the basement of BIG HQ, a battle will rage across the Heavens, as the very Gods themselves, old and new, face off in the halls of Ragnarok for the crown of divine comic supremacy (thorns optional).

Their weapons: wit and creativity. The arena: Tinta Roja. The challenge: taking audience suggestions and turning them into improv comedy gold! Who will emerge as glorious victors and who consigned to the dilapidated, empty music halls of eternal oblivion?

For one night only, the lucky mortals in the audience will sit in judgment and decide the fate of the Deities! Feel like making the Gods dance to your tune for once? Then book your tickets now for the BIG Ragnarok Around the Xmas Tree Special!

Book your seat!


  • Outcome: result
  • Foretold: predicted
  • Thorns: this is often found on the stem of a rose-  the sharp part of the stem that can make you bleed.

Let us know who won!!

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