Take the social out of media. Enjoy for real!

What is life but sharing good times with friends? Nowadays, social media is so powerful that we think that instagram, twitter or facebook are the best ways to stay  in touch with friends. If they are on the other side of the world…maybe. But what if they are sitting right next to you? Do you really need to use a smartphone to communicate with your friends?  Or is it better just to put down your phone,and have a laugh, engage in face to face conversation, and, of course…some drinks! Brazil beer brand Polar has this crazy idea that we should enjoy each other’s company at the bar instead of staring at our phones.

How would you feel about your cell phone being nullified?

There is another world-famous company that has invented a device to encourage people to look beyond new technology limits, and instead to enjoy the everyday life pleasures (the sunset, a meal with friends…) that we miss while playing with our phones walking down  the street or even at home with our family. Don’t let social media get in the way of the real life. Allow yourself some space social media free and I promise you will feel relieved.

Why don’t you try switching your phone off just for a day? 




  • Put down:  to push or pull down.
  • Stare (at) : to look or gaze fixedly.
  • Device: a machine or tool used for a specific task.

Do you think you could live without technology? Or are you a social media addict?

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