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Blogs, websites and videos about travel. Learn about the adventurers who are travelling the world and get interesting ideas for your next holidays – in English! Travel is one of the best opportunities to use your languages.

Much more than bad weather

If you’ve ever spoken to anyone about their travels in Scotland, for sure these words came up a lot in conversation- bad weather, wet, lots of rain, cold, freezing, rained cats and dogs…The list of words for the Scottish weather is

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Welcome to 2015, Mr McFly!

The day has finally arrived! Today, 21st of October 2015, is back to the future day! The day which Marty and Doc travel forward to in the second installment of Robert Zemeckis´s action film. They came into a world where

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Fuel for Friday’s Radio Show

English Radio

Listen to this Friday’s Radio Show! This can actually help you in planning your summer holidays! It focuses on the future of travel as we discover the new and innovative ways our guests are facilitating travel, for personal or corporate business

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Summer Plans!

Air conditioning systems are on full blast, mosquitos are getting fatter and our kids are rejoicing in the fact that school is (almost) out for the summer. So now it’s time for some summer fun. Living in Girona I’m spoilt

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Never again be late for school!!

jetman Yves Rossy

How do you usually get to school? Do you take the bus and so when you’re late you can blame the bus driver? Does your mum run you to school and it’s her fault when you’re late. Or do you

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