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It’s Google Earth’s 10th Birthday!


Google Earth, the app which allows any mortal to look at the Earth from a computer screen or tablet, turned 10 years old on the 29th of June. It is considered along with Google Maps, one of the most amazing

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We have Pluto in our sights!


Summer is great for lots of things-  going to the beach, having a beer out on a terrace with some good friends, taking time off work and just relaxing.  But, at least in the cities, it isn’t such a great

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Are you a super-recognizer?

super recognisers

Have you got a photographic memory? Are you part of the 2% of the population capable of keeping in their retinas 80% of the faces they see? People who are part of this group are called “super-recognizers” If you’d like

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‘I may go to Mars and never come back’


Have you ever got so fed up that you’ve thought about stopping everything you’re doing and changing everything in your life? Have you ever thought about leaving- I mean really leaving the planet? Well now here’s your chance. You might

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Is learning English better than sex?

Dopamine: the natural drug that can also get you learning

Learning a foreign language is considered by many to be a chore; a tedious, time-consuming task that takes big amounts of effort and perseverance on our part. And that’s only learning enough to get by. If our goal is to

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