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Our bees are dying. Numbers are decreasing constantly. Luckily there is reassuring news- a team at Harvard’s Wyss Institute have been hard at work on their (completely innocent) plans to develop “a colony of artificial insects.” called the RoboBee. Researchers

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Tiny and Super Smart

You have probably never seen this little girl. She looks like your typical sweet pigtailed princess, but when she starts to talk everything else stops. This is Brielle, a 3-year- old who has shaken people up. Science can be one

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A happy life

We all deserve a happy life . Yes, we all have a different definition of happiness. One thing is sure, having a happy life is maybe not such a  difficult thing: the problem is that we tend to forget what

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Space: the funny frontier

“Space,” said Douglas Adams, “is big. Really big.” Well, this April 23rd those words will prove truer than ever, when space and her good pal time finally receive the B.I.G. treatment, as Barcelona’s favourite English-speaking comedy improvisers launch their very

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It’s Google Earth’s 10th Birthday!


Google Earth, the app which allows any mortal to look at the Earth from a computer screen or tablet, turned 10 years old on the 29th of June. It is considered along with Google Maps, one of the most amazing

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