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Hands-on activities that also help you practice your English: crafts, DIY, gardening, decoration, recycling, etc.

How to “cake” it

Everybody love cake!  You are going to be amazed when you see the kind of cakes Yolanda Gampp makes. Yolanda is a famous baker in the United States.  Inspired by her father who worked as a baker, Yolanda passionately began her

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The International Environmental Children’s Drawing Contest!

The planet we live on is so very important and encouraging children to take care of it is fundamental. For those creative kids who love drawing, we found the perfect opportunity to show how much they love Mother Earth! Since 1999,

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Little Free Libraries!

Take a book, leave a book- this is an initiative that is bringing communities together. The mission is quite simple: Promote literacy by building a free book exchange. This movement keeps books alive, endorses the love of reading and allows

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Barcelona Improv Group

March Madness from Barcelona Improv Group, a tour de force of BIG showing off what they do best – never-before-seen and never-to-be repeated laugh-out-loud comedy. This month, BIG returns to its roots, presenting our original short form improv comedy that’s

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Hello everyone! If you love theatre and you would like to enjoy  english theatre we recommend Madness Sweet Madness, a new play  by Georgina Tremayne. Get your tickets! Madness Sweet Madness Saturday March 5 at The Olive Tree School – C/Modedistes

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