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Aimed at English learners at advanced level (CEFR C1-C2).

Love me, love my dog!!

We love our dogs right?? We walk them, feed them, speak to them, cuddle and caress them, they’re another member of our family. And we have many expressions related to dogs.- Love me, love my dog, I’m as sick as

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The lingogo app!

Learning languages can be challenging! The Lingogo app will keep you motivated on your language learning path. Believe us, when you are 100% motivated you will improve your language skills in a heartbeat! So what is Lingogo all about? It’s

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More tea vicar?

Tea has become quintessentially British. It slowly but surely moved itself into our culture, language and society. Tea is everywhere: We have afternoon tea, high tea, tea cakes, tea towels, tea dances, tea-time, tea for two, and when we receive

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BIG Presents “BIG Leap”

What would you do with an extra day? For us, obviously, we’d do more improv, but what about YOU? Leap Day only comes but once every four years. A whole extra day, 24 hours of possibility. Come dream with us,

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Get your bonfire night ready


“Remember, remember the 5th of November…” Bonfire night is undoubtedly one of the best known traditions in Britain. On the night of November 5th, throughout Britain, they commemorate the capture of Guy Fawkes with fairs, fireworks, by burning an effigy

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