Sweet November

This month, as a visual way to appreciate the importance of health, we have the film: ‘Sweet November’! This romantic drama will make you think twice about the way you live your life. [SPOILER ALERT – plot revealed! Stop reading now if you want to see the film first.]

Nelson Moss and Sara Deever meet each other while doing a driving test. During the exam, Nelson asks Sara for help. Sara gets caught and thrown out of the exam. When Nelson finishes the exam, he sees Sara waiting for him. She starts insulting and blaming him for her situation. Nelson does not understand her reaction and takes off. After following him, Sara discovers where he lives and shows up at his place. She persists and threats to cause a scandal , so he agrees to give her a ride. That night, she insists on offering to let him stay a month with her. A month in which he will learn to make the most of life, enjoy every day and respect and value women.

After being dumped and fired the same day, 1st November, he agrees to give it a try and ends up staying for the whole of November. During the month, he learns to make fun plans, enjoy life and he starts falling in love with her. However, not everything is so easy. Nelson seems disoriented by Sara’s lifestyle on several occasions. He finds out that Sara has done this “one month therapy” with other patients, and he seems confused and jealous. However, he lets himself go and makes the most of the new experience. For Sara, this time is different, she also falls in love with him. But there is something which does not let her carry on and which makes her the way she is.

Sara suffers from cancer. After trying to hide this from him during the month, Nelson finally finds out. He is in love and wants to help her with everything she needs. However, Sara thinks he does not deserve to go through her deterioration with her and asks him to leave. After arguing for several days and having some difficult and painful disputes, a decision is made.

With this emotional movie we can observe how health is the most important thing in our lives and however healthy we are, we have to go on living one way or another.

So, let’s make the most of it and fight for a healthy lifestyle!


  • Blame: feel or declare that (someone or something) is responsible for a fault or wrong.
  • Threaten: state one’s intention to take hostile action against (someone) in retribution for something done or not done.

What would you do if you were told you had a terminal disease?

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