Summertime Apps

Sometimes it gets difficult to plan your summer holidays. But technology can always gives us a hand! Check out these four apps, they are perfect for this summer season.


The perfect app to immerse yourself in the culture while traveling. There is a huge list of rich heritage and cultural events around the world with cheap flight deals! Pick the event you want and pack your bags!

eventurist appeventurist app 2



Sidekix will plan your route with stops included. Tell the app all about your interests ( food, nightlife, museums…), also how long would you like to walk and if you need to make any stops. Sidekix will do the rest for you :)

side app 1side app 2


Let’s face it, every time we travel we pack unnecessary things. Packpoint will help you packing based on the length of your trip, the weather and the things you are planning on doing!


D Minder

The app will help you manage your Vitamin D and tell you when it’s time to get yourself to the shadow! Taking care of our skin is important, especially during summer.

D minder 1D minder 2

 Which app do you like the most?


  • Give a hand- To help
  • Immerse- To completely involve into something
  • Heritage- Cultural aspect or tradition that has been passed down through generations
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