Summer Plans!

Air conditioning systems are on full blast, mosquitos are getting fatter and our kids are rejoicing in the fact that school is (almost) out for the summer. So now it’s time for some summer fun. Living in Girona I’m spoilt for things to do during these months. Have a look at my favourite things list and let me know what would be on your list too.

summer plans

  1. Having a cocktail on the roof terrace of the Hotel Gran Ultonia in the centre of Girona. The cocktail list is never ending and with good sounds playing in the background it’s the perfect place to chill.
  2. Lake Banyoles situated about 10km to the north of Girona is a perfect place to go for a swim if you want to avoid the hordes of people on the beach.It’s a lovely place to have a dip though be careful of the the Banyoles monster as legend has it that it still lives in the lake.
  3. Head to the beach in the early morning hours. My favourite place to go is the deserted beach of …….. sorry but can’t say the name, I want to be able to continue enjoying it for myself.
  4. Have lunch at the ‘ chiringuito’ on the beach of St Marti. The Fideuá is to die for and reasonably priced and then you can walk back to your towel and sleep off the effects of your lunch.
  5. Stay at home. Close all the shutters so the mosquitos can’t get you and turn up your air conditioning so you don’t end up like a puddle in the middle of the floor.


  • On full blast- up at the maximum
  • Rejoicing- celebrating
  • Hordes of people- crowds of people
  • Have a dip- have a swim
  • To die for- it is super good

Why not have a look at this website for fun things to do this summer in Barcelona?

And you, what are your favourite plans?

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