What’s New in Apps? uTalk – Try it!

There are more and more Apps out there competing for your attention, but this one will get you speaking faster than you can say ‘Brexit’! At Go English we’ve been testing it out. You can chose from more than 130 languages (including Catalan, Greek and Chinese), so wherever you go, you will arrive able to say hello, order a beer and ask for the toilets! We’ve tested it – it’s easy to use, great fun, and whilst it is not going to teach you all aspects of a language, it’s a great introduction and a fun way to practise anywhere on any device.

Start speaking English now

uTalk, the UK’s leading language learning company, are offering Go English Magazine readers a massive 75% discount, so that they can learn English anytime, anywhere. Yes that’s right, for less than €15 you can start speaking English using your phone, tablet, Mac or PC, or all at the same time. The app syncs all scores and progress to your account so that you can continue on any device.

How does uTalk work?

uTalk uses interactive activities and addictive games to help you learn the words and phrases you need to start speaking English immediately.

The easy-to-use app uses the latest gaming technology making learning English fun. There’s no need to worry about grammar or fluency as uTalk is all about just getting you talking. Did we mention you can learn English from your own language? It couldn’t be easier.

What does uTalk offer?

With over 60 topics to choose from in every language including food, travel, sport and even a topic to ensure you are able to get the help you need in the event of an emergency, uTalk has you covered. Plus, you’ll also learn from native speakers to ensure your pronunciation is correct.

About uTalk?

uTalk is a friendly, fun, British-based language learning company with the biggest range of languages on the market. With uTalk you can learn a choice of over 130 languages from any language, so it’s perfect for anyone seeking to make friends and connections at home or abroad. More than 30 million customers from across the world are learning a new language simply and with immediate results. Now it’s your turn.

Download uTalk now for less than €15 by entering GOENG into the promotional code box.

Once you’ve tried it for English we’re sure you’ll try it for one of the 130 other languages available.

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