St Patrick’s Day!

Regardless of your heritage, you’re probably very aware of St. Patrick’s Day, the traditional Irish holiday celebrated each year on March 17th. And maybe you enjoy this festive day by wearing your best bright green shirt (or even a Guinness hat),or  taking your kids to the parade, as I’m sure there is an Irish community in your hometown. There have been more than 70 million Irish immigrants throughout history! Maybe you are meeting up with friends at your favorite local Irish pub. But, do you know who St Patrick was? Do you know that he wasn’t even born in Ireland? And, have you got any idea how shamrocks fit into the story? As the luck of the Irish would have it, we’ve got the answers to these questions, as well as lots more information about this historic holiday.

If, instead of going to the pub and tying one on, you are staying home with the kids, why not do some crafting? Or cooking? You´ll find some fun ideas here.


  • Heritage: something inherited at birth, such as personal characteristics, status, and possessions.
  • Parade:an ordered, esp ceremonial, march, assembly, or procession.
  • Shamrock: a plant having leaves divided into three leaflets, the national emblem of Ireland.
  • Tie one on: get drunk

Did you know any of those facts about St Patrick´s? Have you got any Irish ancestors? What are you up to today? Leave a comment!

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