“Spectacles” by Snapchat

Once again, Snapchat has decided to surprise us. This time, with their brand new glasses “ Spectacles”. Where to buy them? Well, it’s not that simple. Keep reading to understand what I mean!


First of all, what is so special about them that everyone wants them? Well, basically when you wear these glasses you can record what’s in front of you and then easily upload it to snapchat. As I said before, it’s not very simple to buy this glasses.  You will find only in Snapbots:


These vending machines created by Snapchat will appear in random places for 24h. Whoever finds a snapbot, has access to a new pair of glasses! For the moment there have been only a few snapbots in the U.S. To be more specific in:

Venice, California:


Big Sur, California


 Catoosa, Oklahoma


and Finally… NYC! And there’s actually a physical store, which will be around until New Year’s Eve.


It seems everyone wants them! And there are huge lines to buy them whenever a Snapbot pops up! It’s true that they have a brilliant marketing strategy but do you think this glasses are worth buying?

Check this review and let’s us know what you think!


  • Random: Strange or unusual
  • Pop up:  To appear or happen especially suddenly or unexpectedly
  • Worth it: To be of reasonable or good value

Do you think there will be Snapbots in Spain?

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