Speak To The World: Water – The world’s strangest liquid

Water. One of the four basic elements along with fire, earth and air. We need it every day. Our lives depend on it. It is wonderful and strange. It is precious. It is the foundation of life on earth. We take water for granted every day as it comes out of the tap. Explore with us this amazing liquid and find out just how important water is to our future.

Self Study

Before you listen consider the following questions:

  • How much water do you use every day? How many things do you use it for?
  • Do you think about the cost of the water you use?
  • Is water precious? Why?

Now listen to the podcast and try to answer the following questions:

  1. How much of the world’s surface is covered by water?
  2. How does water ‘break the rules’? Listen for 3 possible answers
  3. What is the Mpemba effect?
  4. How much water does the average US citizen consume per day?
  5. How much does the average African citizen consume every day?
  6. How has Qatar solved it’s water problem?
  7. What proportion of people in the world have no access to clean water?
  8. What is the World Health Organisation’s estimate on the return of every 1€ invested in water & sanitation?
  9. What is the name of the charity mentioned dedicated to alleviating water poverty in Africa?

You can read the script here.

After you listen: reflect on the article.

  • Think of 3 things you have learned from the article which you didn’t know before?
  • What can you do to reduce your water consumption?
  • How can technology help us to resolve our water problems?

If you are a teacher you can download a lesson plan for you to use in class.

Thanks for listening!

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