Speak To The World: Positive Thinking

This week’s podcast takes a look at the effect the News has on the way we think and behave. Here at the Go English Magazine, we try to look at the bright side of life! It seems this is actually GOOD FOR YOU! So keep reading our posts and it might help you form a more optimistic view of life. Be happy!

Self Study

Before you listen consider the following questions:

  1. Do you consider yourself to be optimistic or pessimistic?
  2. Do you keep in touch with the news every day? If so, do you get your news from a newspaper, TV or radio, or the Internet?
  3. Do you think the news you see or read is mostly good or mostly bad?

Now listen to the podcast and try to answer the following questions:

You can read the script podcast here.

  1. Why, according to the article, does bad news tend to make us more pessimistic?
  2. What is the name of Daniel Kahneman’s latest book?
  3. What is the website, Positive News, aiming to do?

After you listen: reflect on the article.

  • Are you affected negatively by ‘bad news’?
  • Have your changed the way you keep up with the news in the last few years?
  • Can you think of a good news story to share with us?

If you are a teacher you can download a lesson plan for you to use in class.

You can share your good news story in the comments box below. Thanks for listening!

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