Speak to the world!: Let’s talk food!

This week’s podcast it’s about food, James was invited to review the Cent Onze restaurant. We all love food so we’re going to learn some vocabulary about cuisine and eating out to be able to talk like real experts… Let’s find the foodie in you and tell us about your own restaurant experiences!

Before you listen consider the following questions

  1. How often do you eat out?
  2. What qualities do you look for in a restaurant?
  3. Do you prefer sweet or savoury?

Now listen to the podcast and try to answer the following questions

You can read the script of the podcast here.

  1. What did I chose for my starter?
  2. What was the only meat dish mentioned?
  3. Was I disappointed by the desserts?

After you listen: reflect on the article. Does this sound like the type of restaurant you would like to eat in? Why?

You can share your opinion in the comments box below. Thanks for listening!

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