Speak To The World: Great Leaders

This week’s podcasts talks about leaders, are they born or made? Listen to the reflection on this topic.

Self Study

Before you listen consider the following questions:

  1. Can you think of a leader you admire? – this could be someone alive today or from the past.
  2. Why do you think this person was such a good leader?
  3. What qualities do you look for in a leader?

Now listen to the podcast and try to answer the following questions:

  1. What does Simon Sinek say is the foundation stone of leadership?
  2. What is the ‘keyword’ according to the speaker?
  3. How long did Nelson Mandela spend in prison?

You can read the text of the audio script here.

After you listen: reflect on the article.

  • Do you think people respond better when they feel ‘safe’? Or do they need to be pushed to perform to an optimum level?
  • Do you think leaders are ‘born’, or can we learn to be good leaders?

If you are a teacher and would like to use this post as an activity  you have a printable lesson plan here.

You can share your opinion in the comments box below. Thanks for listening!

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