Space: the funny frontier

“Space,” said Douglas Adams, “is big. Really big.” Well, this April 23rd those words will prove truer than ever, when space and her good pal time finally receive the B.I.G. treatment, as Barcelona’s favourite English-speaking comedy improvisers launch their very first sci-fi extravaganza!

Join us for a night that promises fun and games with a distinctly fantastical flavour, plus a complete, fully improvised science fiction story fashioned entirely from audience suggestions and guaranteed to tickle your wormhole, whichever galaxy you come from! Get your fanciest spacesuits ready and set phasers to fun as BIG prepares to warp you to another dimension.


Date: April 23rd 2016

Time: 20:30

Venue: Tinta Roja, C/Creu dels Molers 17

Price: 10€

Use ‘Metropolitan’ for a 10% discount

Check the facebook event and get your tickets here!


  • Pal- A good friend

What’s your favourite sci-fi show?

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