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Could you ever imagine that by testing your English vocabulary and grammar or doing a Math quiz you could actually feed someone in need? Bonkers, right? Well, someone has thought of this and created a website where you can put your knowledge on many subjects to the test – ranging from foreign languages to famous quotes, Geography or Chemistry and even including SAT preparation. What makes this free educational tool special is that every time you get your answer right someone gets ten grains of rice, so that you could easily feed a hungry person a bowl of rice after a couple of minutes of clicking through the quiz of your choice.

This is an initiative of the World Food Program of the UN (United Nations) and the aim is to raise awareness on the problem of hunger and also on the importance of education. You can create your personal account to keep track of your scores and of your contribution and you can even join a group or create one in order to join forces and fight hunger together. I can’t honestly think of a better way to learn and give something back.

Try the English vocabulary or English grammar quizzes and tell us how many bowls of rice you can fill up!


  • Bonkers (adj): mad, crazy (informal)
  • SAT (n): a standardized test used to evaluate suitability for college admission in the United States.
  • Raise awareness (v): a group of people attempting to focus the attention of a wider group of people on some cause or condition; usually related to political activism.
  • Join forces (v): combine efforts, team up.

 How many bowls of rice did you fill up?

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