Social media is here to stay

You may be a facebook addict, or you may not even be a member.  Maybe you follow a dozen news agencies on Twitter, even though you never tweet.  Instagram?  That’s the site where your workmate is always posting pictures of how fantastic her weekend was.

Social media is probably here to stay, no matter how you feel about it.  The main indicator is just how important it has become not only to individuals, but to companies.  Most, if not all, companies have a presence in at least one type of social media.

social media


You can be sure that companies are using social media, not just to spread the word about their own brand, but also to check up on YOU.  If you are looking for a job, you should be mindful of your social media presence. HR departments may use sites like Linkedin to find out about you before they decide to schedule an interview.  The might see a post they don’t like on fb, and decide against meeting you.  If you are already working, you should be careful about what you say “in public” online about your company.

You should also be mindful of your company’s social media policy.  Are you allowed to use social media at work?  Are you encouraged to?  Some companies are interested in using their employees opinions and experiences as marketing, but some aren’t, so be sure think think before you tweet or post about your job, your company or your boss (especially if you are at work when you do it!

Check out this great infographic on social media and your employer from Mashable:



AND-  if you are looking to use social media to help you in YOUR business, have a look at some top strategies here.


  • Dozen (n):  12
  • Mindful: (adj) this is a word that means to think carefully about something.

Do you use any social media?  Do you mix friends with work? Let us know below in the comments.


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