Social Media and Children

Nowadays, parents are constantly posting pictures of their children on their social media. It’s understandable, they are happy and proud parents and they want everyone to see their beautiful children! But what happens when their children grow up? Are they going to like those pictures or they will be embarrassed?


A recent study shows that when children grow up and see those pictures posted on social media, they feel embarrased “”When I was 12 or 13 I started realising there were things [on Facebook] that I thought were a bit embarrassing,” said 16-year-old Lucy.

They also said those pictures don’t represent  who  they are right now and seeing them sometimes brings back memories they don’t like “That’s not necessarily where I am now, and it’s not something I’d want to remember every time I log on to Facebook… It isn’t the best memories, which is the way you’d like to portray yourself on social media.”

I agree with these children. They are the subject of those pictures and they have the right to feel some ownership of their image. I am not saying it  is bad that parents take pictures of their children. Quite the contrary, parents have always taken zillions of photos of their kids, and that helps highlight fun times and  unforgettable memories. It’s a good idea,though, to wait until their children grow up and let them decide what they want to post on social media. Or not.


  • Ownership: Being an owner
  • Zillion: An extremely, but not an exact, number
  • Highlight:Emphasize

Has someone ever posted a photo of you that you didn’t like?   How did it make you feel?


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