Slow food!!

You might be thinking that the adjective is incorrect- surely the word is fast!! Fast food is what we know!! Fast to fit into our fast lives.

But no, it is slow, slow food. This concept of slow food has been around for quite a while now. What does it mean slow food you might be asking yourself?

Well here you go- The movement of slow food was brought into existence as a way to defend and preserve regional cuisines, good food and promote a slower pace of life in our more and more hectic schedule. It began in Rome when a group of activists demonstrated on the Spanish steps of Rome in front of where a new McDonald’s was going to be built. From there the movement grew and today it is a worldwide organisation involving millions of people in over 160 countries around the globe.

So what does this movement actually do? is another questions that needs answering.

Well,this movement works together to save food dishes that might otherwise stop being eaten, it educates people on the idea of better and cleaner food, it encourages 0km purchasing  and in general celebrates the gastronomic diversity and traditions throughout Europe and Asia.

Here you can read more about Slow Food Catalunya.

British chef, Rick Stein is a member of the movement and he has travelled to many parts of Europe promoting regional dishes and learning how they are cooked. Here you can watch him on one of his trips to Catalonia to learn and pay homage to some of the region’s food delights.

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