Save the Arctic

The Arctic needs to be saved. This unique environment has a stunning beauty but it’s under threat. Luckily, there are  people who are aware of its importance and are working to save it. It is a global treasure for us and for future generations. Not only does it helps regulate the climate, but the Arctic reflects  sunlight, influences sea currents, keeps methane at bay and supports native people.

Ludovico Einaudi, a renowned Italian pianist and composer, carried the voice of 8 million people that want the Arctic to be saved. He performed a powerful composition on a floating platform in the Arctic Ocean off the coast of Norway, in front of the backdrop of the melting Arctic ice. The composition is called “Elegy for the Arctic” and the piano music was punctuated by the sounds of the sea lapping at the ice,  and of the ice shearing off and crashing into the water.

Of course there is a reason for this beautiful performance. This week, delegates from 15 European countries at the OSPAR Commission meeting in Tenerife, Spain, have an important proposal in front of them, a proposal which looks ways to manage and protect the northeast Atlantic Ocean, including a safeguard for 10% of the Arctic Ocean, an area  which is roughly the size of the UK.

The area is losing its frozen shield, which leads to reckless exploitation and destructive fishing. This is why we must show them that the Arctic is worth protecting urgently. Greenpeace worked in collaboration with Einaudi to help raise awareness.


Do you want to be part of this? The Arctic needs our help! Click here and do your bit by signing the petition and given a reason for why you think  the Arctic needs to be saved.


  • Threat- a suggestion hat something unpleasant or violent will happen
  • Renowned-famous
  • Reckless-careless or irresponsible

Let’s raise our voices for the Arctic!

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