Refreshing popsicles!

Days are getting warmer and all of us are craving refreshing treats. Today we want to give you 3 popsicle ideas that will definitely rock your summer. They are extremely refreshing and very easy to make. Let’s get started!

Yogurt parfait popsicles

popsicle 1

For these popsicles you will need:

popsicles 2

To make them you will have to layer the popsicle molds with vanilla yogurt, your fruits of choice, granola and top off with some honey.

popsicles 3

Cherry tea popsicles

popsicles 4

You will need cherry tea, sweetener of your choice, some cherries and edible rose petals.

popsicles 8

First of all, make the tea and add the sweetener you picked up. Allow the tea to cool down and add it into the popsicle molds with the cherries and the edible flowers.

Double-berry popsicles

popsicles 5

You will need: Your favorite yogurt, blueberries and strawberries

popsicles 6

First, you will have to muddle your berries! Once you have done it, layer the popsicle molds in this order: muddled strawberries, yogurt, muddled blueberries.

popsicles 6


Let your popsicles freeze overnight and enjoy :)

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Check these smoothie and vitamin water ideas too, they are awesome ideas to keep you hydrated!


  • Crave-to have an intense desire
  • Overnight-during or for the length of the night
  • Muddle- to mix

What is your favorite summer treat?

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