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It’s important that teachers find new ways to motivate their students,  especially when the students are kids. Read on to find out about how one stellar teacher in North Carolina, Mr. Bonner, motivates his students.

Mr Bonner is a teacher at South Greenville Elementary in Greenville, North Carolina. He is in charge of teaching to second graders, sometimes it’s hard to keep them motivate them for various reasons: The school has a high poverty rate and for some of his students reading is quite difficult. As Mr Bonner says “Poverty is not just tied to a child being hungry, so when you are coming against those barriers as a teacher, you have to find different methods and ways to get around those in order to engage your students.”

Mr Bonner students failed an exam last year,so he decided to make a deal with them: If they passed the next test, they would shoot a music video. It worked out very well. All the kids passed the exam and they were able to shoot the music video:

His students know they have a really special teacher. Second grader Cinque Simpson says  “That feels … amazing, for me to pass the tests, he is kind of the best teacher I ever had.”

Mr Bonner and his students caught Ellen Degeneres’s attention. She decided to help them by setting up a GoFundMe page and making a direct donation to the school and she flew them to Los Angeles and featured them on  her show!

On top of this, Ellen helped them to shoot a music video with famous rapper  Big Sean and lots of other big stars! Check it out:

The real stars are Mr Bonner and his kids, though.  Lots of hard work and dedication!


  • Get around (phrasal verb): Deal with a problem.
  • Work out (phrasal verb):To happen or develop in a particular way.
  • Shoot: To use a camera to record a video or take a photograph.

In which other ways would you motivate your students?

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