Poppin’ and Lockin’ at a Pistons Game

We all know the NBA is just as much about spectacle as it is about sport.  The lights, the music, the cheerleaders-  there is a lot more going on than slam dunks and 3 pointers.

At most American sporting events you can see live replay of critical, game-changing moments-  sometimes a referee’s call is even overturned after watching the instant replay.

But between quarters, halves and innings, the spectators want to keep on having fun.  So, different sports franchises have different things to keep people engaged. The Detroit Pistons use a Dance Cam-  when people in the stands see themselves on the main screen, they start dancing until the camera moves on to another person.

Check out this super video of a young Pistons fan having an impromptu dance off with a stadium usher.   Be careful-  it’s contagious, and you just may start dancing, too!

Who do you think the winner is-  the boy or the usher?


Pop and lock-  a way of dancing where you move and then freeze in place

Usher-  a person whose job it is to help you to your seat in a theater or stadium


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One comment on “Poppin’ and Lockin’ at a Pistons Game
  1. carol says:

    It’s very funny!!!
    I saw it on Antena3 yesterday, but not the whole clip.
    Very nice post!

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